Fobally Art World Africa Foundation Press Release, January 2023

Art Competition Aspire Lagos & Nation 2023


Paint Your Aspired Lagos (PYAL)– Lagos Secondary School Art Competition 2023

Paint Your Aspired Nation (PYAN)– National Undergraduate Art Competition 2023


Fobally Art World Africa Foundation is set to Launch its 2023 Art Competitions for Lagos Secondary Schools and National Art Undergraduates: The Lagos State Secondary School Art Competition 2023 is tagged Art Discovery 2023, while the National Undergraduate Competition is tagged Invigoration Series II. “Paint your Aspired Lagos” & “Paint your Aspired Nation” are the theme of the upcoming competition for Lagos State Secondary School Art Competition and National Undergraduate Art Competition 2023 respectively.

PYAL & PYAN are conversions that allow youth inclusion in political discussion, community development planning, national development decision value chain, and leadership conceptualization for the state and the Nation as a whole. It is a platform for the youth and the community at large to express what their aspired State and Nation look like through their creative representatives from different communities across the board. It allows the youths to think through, discuss, brainstorm, describe, create, and document their envisioned state and nation.

These competitions present an opportunity for budding Art talents to express their Lagos and Nigeria aspirations in artistic language. It engages students to be involved early in documented discussion and planning of the community where they live. It awakens the young minds to the shared responsibility of all in planning and building a healthy, conducive, and sustainable community, which requires hard work and self-denials. It is an avenue for the citizens to communicate to the Leadership of their expectations of them in building, developing, and transforming their community and Nation to a better place to live and a land aspired by foreigners to be.

It is strategic and deliberate at this time that Art Discovery 2023 is themed “Paint Your Aspired Lagos” and “Paint Your Aspired Nation” as we expect new leadership terms at the state and federal level in 2023. It is important that the youth lend their voice to the expected changes, development, transformation, and leadership performance they look forward to seeing within the state and the Nation in the next 48 months and beyond.

Art is a science, which entails the understanding and expression of nature, human experience, human imagination of the immediate future through the synthesis of artistic and scientific modes of exploration and expression.

The State and National Art Competition give room for robust conversation, deep reflection, diversification of thoughts, broad perspectives to eminent challenges within the community, and gaining refreshing insights on the way forward. The documentation of these exercises would be gifted to the emerged Governor of Lagos State and the President of the Nation as guides in building our Aspired Lagos State and Nation.

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In fulfilling our vision and mission we have inaugurated quite a number of initiatives in promoting Africa Art and Artists, which include the following:

  • Professional Artist Exhibition (PAEX)
  • National Undergraduates Art Competition
  • Lagos State Secondary School Art Competition


To view details of the Professional Artist Exhibition (PAEX) and National Undergraduates Art Competition held in 2022, please click or visit the following link:

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The Lagos State Secondary Schools Art Competition 2023 is to promote budding talents in the world of Art and to encourage young Nigerian students to be involved in the conversation and planning of the development of their immediate community and Lagos as a whole. The competition is to encourage youth inclusion, creativity, deep thinking, and active participation in governance.


The Lagos State Secondary School Art Competition is scheduled to hold from July– September 2023. Entry for the competition opens from 23rd January – 30th June 2023.  The students have the option to compete by choosing one or more forms of art listed below to express themselves for the competition. The options include:

  1. Pencil Painting
  2. Watercolour Painting
  3. Charcoal Painting
  4. Oil/Acrylic Painting
  5. Multi-media Painting

The competition will be in three stages. The stages are as classified below:

  • Application Stage
  • Audition Stage
  • Grand Finale Stage

Folasade Abiola
Creative Director

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Lagos State Secondary School Art Competition &
National Undergraduate Art Competition.


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