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Tamaratonye Torus is a visual artist from Delta state, Nigeria. She is a contemporary multi-chromatic artist. She has been drawing for as long as she can remember. As a child, she loved drawing faces on paper. Watching her father draw, evoked and fuelled her passion for

She works as a full-time artist and fashion illustrator. Tamara, who is currently studying Fine Art at the Yaba College of Technology Polytechnic, seeks to further explore art and fashion. She also uses a broad range of traditional medium but majorly focuses on drawing with Coloured ballpoint pens. Tamara Torus is deeply inspired by the source of life and the stories of life itself.

My Art

expressing and exuding THE LIGHT through the sensations of hues.
Creating a multi-chromatic bouquet with the use of coloured ballpoint pens. Tamara Torus, who has recently evolved into a style of drawing which is known to her as multi-chromatism, uses this style to intentionally communicate God’s heart to the world through the lens of imagination.

She makes use of the colours as seen in the spectrum to alter certain elements of realism. Thereby, creating phenomenal images that stir up. a sense of balance, connection and healing to the eyes and mind of the beholder.