Raji Profile Photo

RAJI ADE DAVID is one of Nigerian prolific contemporary Artist. He was born in 1980s; He had his early education in Oyo and Lagos State. He was in John Aderinkomi studio of Art before proceeding to the famous Auchi Art School in 2005 to study art, where he received an OND and HND in painting and general art.

He had taken part in several group exhibitions and his works can be found in many homes and offices both in Nigeria and abroad.


The artist does not paint for an audience but himself and it is only by satisfying himself that he can truly satisfy others.

The Art of Benin kingdom sharpies shadow and shade by National Gallery of Art 2019

Together Again by National Gallery Art 2014

Perception and Scenes by NGA Benin 2014

Timeless Treasures by SNA 2013

Olusengun Obasanjo Art Exhibition 2011

Life in my city Art Festival 2011

Environmental Art Exhibition 2012

Final year group exhibition 2010

Auchi, Squiggle ism Art exhibition 2010

NAAFAS Day exhibition 2007