Art Director
Ighodalo Ojemekele Profile Photo

Is a contemporary impressionist artist exploring primary colours through his primarism style. He considers himself an avant-garde artist, consciously breaking colour rules in his style of painting, which is evident in the dominant, deliberate and considered use of saturated primary colours, he believes rules are like barricades on the creative highway, proclaiming himself to be careless in his rendition but careful in his creative process and expression. His subject matter is primarily figurative (portraitures) he enjoys painting faces mostly that of children in everyday sagacity which is rendered in browns and primary colour metaphorically expressing the state of innocence that we missed as a people.

Ighodalo has an HND from the prestigious Auchi Polytechnic and an MFA in painting with a PhD in-view at the University of Benin, Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. He has held seven solo exhibitions, and participated in several group exhibitions and competitions, both within and outside of Nigeria, including the 5th Edition of ARKANE AFRIKA art exhibition in Casablanca, Morocco, The Banality of Evil Art Competition in Germany and PACA-Dak’Art Off 2022 (Engaging Space and its Metaphors as Memory) in Senegal.

Ighodalo is a member of the Association of Professional Creative Artists and Designers in Nigeria (APCAD), Pan African Circle of Artists (PACA) and the Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA).